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Are you a smoker? Like many smokers, you may be a chain smoker while you are driving. The smoke will linger in the interior of your vehicle. The residue from the nicotine, tar, and other carcinogens from cigarettes will create a thick, yellow film on every surface of your vehicle. When you wipe this film off your interior surfaces, it is difficult to wipe it away. It starts with one swipe. Then, another, and another. You keep wiping; however, the residue is still there. That’s because the residue from the cigarettes has bonded with moisture in the air and has made itself a lovely home on the interior of your car, and it’s just not interested in going anywhere. Additionally, the smoke will seep into the fabric surfaces of your vehicle, and over time can and will cause stains and odors. Your headliner may also become filled with lingering odors.  If you are a tall person, it is entirely plausible that your head may touch the headliner. Guess what? All of that residue sitting in your car for months is now being transferred onto you. Now, you may smell like the interior of your car. You may not notice because you are used to the lingering odors, but the non-smokers around you will notice. Call us today for your auto detailing Tucson

Interior Detail starting at $199.99

For our Interior Detailing package, we have an arsenal of tools at our disposal to give your vehicle everything it deserves. Your vehicle’s experience starts with a complete vacuum and shampoo of your seats to get out every last bit of dirt and crumbs that simple details might miss. Your vehicle will also enjoy carpet, inner trunk, floor mats, and upholstery vacuuming before we release it back to your care. Our car detail Tucson team of specialists will wipe down all the interior surfaces completely and finish them off with a treatment for UV protection that lends a hand to help protect your car from harmful UV rays and adds a nice shine to everything on the inside of your vehicle. All leather surfaces in the interior of your vehicle are expertly cleaned and conditioned to help smooth and heal cracks caused by excessive dryness and help you avoid replacing your seats as long as possible. This service package option also gives your vehicle the gift of a special spot cleaning for your car’s headliner. Our Interior Detail can help attack stains at the root and get your car looking insane! The average time needed for our Tucson auto detail experts to complete the Interior Detail package is between two and three hours. The outside of your car may be the very first thing people see when they look at your car, but the interior is equally important when it comes to you and your friends feeling great riding in your vehicle. Our auto detail Tucson AZ  team is there to deliver the best Interior Detail package around and keep your vehicle looking dazzling, no matter how long you have owned it.

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