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Premium Detail


With our Full Detail package, our detailing experts see a vehicle exterior that needs a little boost toward perfection and readily take on the challenge to give the outer surface a look all the other cars on the road will be jealous of. The first step in getting your car looking picture-perfect is a full exterior cleaning, and microfiber hand-drying choreographed to leave your automobile glistening and streak-free with every wash we administer. Our team of detailers scrubs down the door jambs from top to bottom for an intensive cleaning that leaves your car breathing a sigh of relief. We give your vehicle’s external and internal windows, and other glass surfaces a streak-free cleansing that will have you staring at your reflection in the windshield by the time we are done. Our team of detailing experts always uses a high-quality sealant on your car’s exterior surfaces to help preserve your paint job from any scratches or fading. The exterior plastics receive a little extra attention with a defensive shield against Mother Nature’s torture. After your tires and wheel wells receive a purifying clean and thorough degreasing, our skilled team of detailing experts administers a proactive guard to the entire area to help fight back against dryness, cracking, and other daily wear-and-tear complications. Our skillfully completed Full Detail also includes a full wipe down and protective treatment for your engine to deter rust spots and other damage that can harm your entire vehicle.

Premium Detail start at $349.99

Stop settling for mediocre drive-in car washes and let our highly-trained Tucson auto detailing specialists show you what impeccable car detailing really looks like. Our mobile detailing specialists can bring their gear to you, wherever you are, so you never have to leave home or work to get your car looking better than ever before.

As soon as your automobile is dazzling on the outside from the exterior portion of our Full Detail, our team of car detailing Tucson AZ experts is ready to deliver a phenomenal interior cleansing. 

Your vehicle’s cleaning adventure starts with our detailing experts giving all fabrics in your vehicle an intense vacuuming and shampooing to get out every last remnant of dirt and crumbs that simple details might miss. Your seats front and back, carpets, floor mats, inner trunk space, and all other upholstery will receive the best care possible with our Interior Detail special. The headliner in your automobile will also receive a spot cleaning to attack any dirt or stains we can find, so your whole vehicle will be looking amazing when we are finished. 

Our team of detailing specialists will scrub down the interior surfaces in their entirety and polish them off with a treatment with a UV protectant that helps protect your car from harmful UV rays that can fade or crack your interior and adds a nice shine to everything on the inside of your vehicle. All leather surfaces are expertly cleaned and conditioned to help smooth and heal cracks caused by excessive dryness and help you avoid replacing any of the pieces in your leather interior as long as possible.

Our auto detailing Tucson team is here to deliver the best Full Detail package around and keep your vehicle looking amazing, no matter how long you have owned it. We bring our services right to your door and estimate them to be completed within three to four hours!

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