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Mini Detail


Our Mini Detail Special gives our customers a great overall cleaning. We handpicked the best of our services, simplified the process, and combined those services into one monumental package. The Mini Detail package has the essential services you need, at a price you can afford, and a time allotment that will allow you to quickly get on to (what seems like) millions of other tasks you have on your to-do list.

Mini Detailing starting at $129.99

The Mini Detail entails a high-quality interior and exterior deep cleaning, completed in about two hours. Our expertly trained Tucson car detailing specialists can and will deliver a fresh look for your car every time. After our expert team is done doting and spoiling one of the biggest extensions of you, the “brand new car” look and feel will be immediately evident, no matter how long you’ve owned it. Whether this car has been yours for a day, a year, four years, or more, our auto detailing Tucson AZ team can have your “motorized extension of you” looking just like the day you two met. It may often look better when our team is finished than it looked the day you brought her home! Our detailing skills are so unbelievable; some would call them insane, Insanely good, that is!  Our Mini Detail Special is a conglomeration of all our top-tier services glued together into one incredible and affordable deal. This specialty service includes a meticulous cleansing and microfiber hand dry for your automobile’s full exterior, streak-free cleaning for all your vehicle’s windows and glass, and an application of a defensive shield for the plastic trim all around your vehicle. Additionally, this service package delivers a full cleaning and degreasing for your vehicle’s tires and the surrounding areas, with a color-fade deterrent applied after all is said and done. Our mobile auto detailing Tucson experts will also wipe down all accessible surfaces inside your vehicle and vacuum your seats, front and back. The protective treatment applied to the plastic surfaces and tires can help deter extreme fading of your vehicle’s interior and exterior colors and even help slow the everyday wear and tear that can often go unnoticed until it is too late. The cleaning and degreasing process for your tires and the surrounding wheel wells work with your vehicle to enhance performance and slow the damage to your tires from everyday dryness that can cause damage and crack. 

Time is ticking! Don’t waste another precious second! Call us today to experience our expertly delivered mobile car detailing Tucson services for yourself! When we’re done with your vehicle, you will be happier than a stupendous pig in a  freshly created mud pit. We are the right company, and this is the right time. Give us a call today, and let’s embark on this journey of an extreme vehicle makeover together. Your car needs a glow-up, and we are the company to provide that total vehicle transformation. We offer “Caviar” level services at fish stick prices. 

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